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Mental Wellness

Doctor Formulated
Beyond Recovery Mental Wellness Mood stress brain supplement vitamins
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Mental Wellness

Use Mental Wellness to help change your life in the best way
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Mental Wellness Shaker Bundle

Kickstart your Mental Wellness journey with two bottles and a free shaker!*
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Dynamic Duo

Mind & Body Plus Bundle

Powerful combo of our two most complete products to help get you to your best you!*
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Ultra Clean

Modern Detox

Doctor-formulated total detox, liver support, and maintenance formula.*
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Liquid Magnesium

Our premium Liquid Magnesium, plant extracted, super bioavailable.*
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Vegan Safe

Natural NAC

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Mushroom D3 + K2

Vitamin D3 + K2 + Reishi
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Beyond Recovery Stainless Steel Shaker
BPA Free

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel shaker w/ whisk
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Beyond Recovery®

Crafted by Doctors with ❤️Love

Fed up with the status-quo, four Doctors teamed up to apply their 15+ years of clinical experience to natural health and wellness.

Our selection of Doctor-formulated supplements will help you live your best life! #GoBeyond

Joseph Yi, MD | CEO & Founder


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Dr. Joseph Yi speaking at the 9th Annual Biohacking Conference
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