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Our selection of premium, Doctor-formulated supplements - powered by the best mushrooms, herbs, amino acids and vitamins.*

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Beyond Recovery Mental Wellness Supplements by Doctors
Beyond Recovery Mental Wellness Supplements by Doctors
Mental Wellness
A Complete Holistic Approach

Our goal is to help you be your best mental self. We take the whole body and mind approach to mental wellnes.

Doctor Formulated
Created by Doctors with ❤️

Fed up with the status-quo, four Doctors teamed up to apply their 15+ years of clinical experience to natural health and wellness.

Joseph Yi, MD | CEO & Founder

Jasmine Gill, MD

Board-Certified Psychiatrist

Michael Mantz, MD

M.S. Herbal Medicine

Joel Fuhrman, MD

NY Times Best Selling Author

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"It's all the nutrients that I'm already recommending to clients put into a once daily powder."


"As a Holistic Psychotherapist I love Modern Detox from Beyond Recovery. for mental wellness"


“Taking Modern Detox daily has helped me improve mentally, physically and spiritually.”


"Beyond Recovery’s Modern Detox formula has allowed me to elevate my mind and reach new heights in my game that I love."


“It’s packed with ingredients I absolutely love”.


“After a decade of facilitating psychiatric medication tapers, I wish I could have offered this product to patients sooner!”