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Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness

Use Mental Wellness to help change your life in the best way
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Mental Wellness Shaker Bundle

Kickstart your Mental Wellness journey with two bottles and a free shaker!*
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Dynamic Duo

Mind & Body Plus Bundle

Powerful combo of our two most complete products to help get you to your best you!*
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Ultra Clean

Modern Detox

Doctor-formulated total detox, liver support, and maintenance formula.*
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Liquid Magnesium

Our premium Liquid Magnesium, plant extracted, super bioavailable.*
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Vegan Safe

Natural NAC

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Mushroom D3 + K2

Vitamin D3 + K2 + Reishi
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Beyond Recovery Stainless Steel Shaker
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Stainless Steel

Stainless steel shaker w/ whisk
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Beyond Recovery®

Crafted by Doctors with ❤️Love

Fed up with the status-quo, four Doctors teamed up to apply their 15+ years of clinical experience to natural health and wellness.

Our selection of Doctor-formulated supplements will help you live your best life! #GoBeyond

Joseph Yi, MD | CEO & Founder

❤️ People Love Beyond Recovery®

Brandon Novak

Best-Selling Author

"Exercising my mind & body and eating smart are my pillars of mental wellness. Beyond Recovery made it easier for me to keep pushing myself and inspiring others to do the same.”


Ellen Vora, MD

Holistic Psychiatrist

“Magnesium is a supplement I always take at bedtime, even when I travel! It’s usually a giant chalky pill, but Beyond Recovery has created it in liquid form”


Dr Brad Campbell

Holistic Practitioner - DABCI

“Mental Wellness by Beyond Recovery is a supplement I have found to really help my patients get better sleep, particularly those with mental health challenges.”


Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Survivor & Life Teacher

“The ingredients in Modern Detox such as Black Cumin Seed, Milk Thistle, Burdock and Dandelion roots are some of my favorite herbs that I take individually. I’m glad to have found a supplement that contains all of these ingredients in one.”


Dr Meghan Klein

Holistic Psychologist

"Magnesium has been a game changer for me and can be incredibly helpful for feeling more calm & getting restful sleep - loving this liquid Mg - super easy for me to take on the go, too!"


Dr Seth Gerlach

Holistic Practitioner - DABCI

"I'm very impressed with the thoughtful combination of nutraceuticals found in the mental wellness formula. It has been great for improving my mood and energy!"


Ashley Taylor

Wellness Coach

"I take Modern Detox to detox my kidney's and liver. Ingredients are top notch and a great way to support my body on a daily basis in an increasingly toxic world. Highly recommend!"


Jeff Simone

Recovery Coach

"I ended a 15 year opiate dependency and decided not to use any prescription medications as part of the treatment. I wouldn't have been able to do it without simultaneously replenishing the nutrients and amino acids that became severely depleted over those years."


Sara Sherman


"I feel such a difference in terms of my sleeping patterns and my daily energy. Thank you so much beyond recovery for making me feel fresh and healthy."


Carnivore MD

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