Modern Detox, 30 Servings

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Fed up with the status-quo, four Doctors teamed up to bring you the best detox supplement for body and mind - a detox drink loaded with botanicals, amino acids and vitamins to help you heal.*

Zero Sugar • Zero Calories • Vegan Safe

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Good stuff

I buy this for my son and he insists it is essential to his mental & physical health. He recommended it to my sister, who is now also a fan.

Steady stamina

Following consumption of Beyond Recovery, I feel my energy levels and mood are elevated, remaining that way through the day. I get a peaceful enthusiasms that brings balance to my mind body and soul. This product helps detox my body so I can authentically shine through. It tastes great and goes down smooth.

Taste, well...

I like MD, how it makes me feel and how I know I’m taking care of myself. But the taste isn’t great. I know you have to do some serious flavoring with B vitamins involved, to cover the chemical taste. Cherry or berry, perhaps, as alternatives? Today, I mixed with with a scoop of Primal Greens, used really cold water and a shaker cup. That helped a lot. I kind of like that I feel disciplined about self care when I drink it.


Before trying Beyond Recovery I have tried several other holistic measures to improve my focus by decreasing my brain fog. Additionally, Beyond Recovery stabilized my moods allowing me to focus on positive goals. I suffer from spinal stenosis as well which causes sciatica and can be dibilitating. This product is a way to naturally balance mind and body and gave my life back to me by improving the balance my diet was not providing. This supplement gave me life back. Along with the Vibe Tribe and other great people my immune system is improved, my soul is rejuvenated and my mind is clear. THANK YOU. THIS PRODUCT WORKS AMAZING. I M 4 ever thankful to have this product available.

Great product

I've been taking it for two weeks and I feel like I have more energy in the mornings I will definitely buy more