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Liquid Magnesium
Lorna Hnat

Liquid Magnesium

Delicious and effective

I love the flavor, I feel more energy and sleep better and I love the folks that developed it… ok maybe one of them😂. I simply feel good about the products. I feel safe taking anything from Beyond Recovery.

Modern Detox
Nancy Baker
Modern Detox

Seems to work very well.

It's amazing!

When I saw the ingredients I was so impressed! Such an awesome combination I've never seen before. I noticed an effect after about a couple of days of taking it consistently... my mood is more level and, dare I say it, I'm a bit calmer and happier! Tastes great too. Love the strawberry flavor!

Mental Wellness
Gabrielle C
Fills a Void in my Self-care Regimen Perfectly

One of the most best lessons I’ve learned through my on-going mental health journey is that having a healthy body is an essential part of having a healthy mind. This product delivers all of the supplements my body needs to manufacture more neurotransmitters (among other things) all in one drink! Plus the B-vitamins and tyrosine give me energy, and the taste ain’t bad. Overall, I’m very satisfied

Mental Wellness
Kevin Martin
Big Fan

This new flavor is great. I think this is a new rendition of the Modern Detox apple cider flavor. Definitely gives me a calmer more focused feeling. It's a great boost in the early afternoon that lasts. I use it almost every day. I can definitely tell a difference if I don't use it or forget.

NAC (N-Acetylcysteine)

I'm a fan!

This stuff tastes great and makes me feel like I'm taking care of my mind and body by supplementing my water with something healthy. I haven't seen major effects yet but I plan to keep using it and look forward to seeing how it works!

Liquid Magnesium
Lori Robbins
Beyond Recovery Liquid Magnesium

I have been taking this product for nearly a month. I then stopped drinking coffee and while I had a headache, it only lasted one day. It has also helped me to improve my sleep. This product also tastes pretty good considering it is magnesium. I highly recommend Beyond Recovery liquid magnesium.

Mental Wellness
Stacey Taylor
Mental Wellness

Good ingredients. I like getting a combo in one supplement. The strawberry flavor is good, too. Too early to comment on effectiveness, but I’m excited.

Quality Ingredients

Very pleased with Modern Detox, NAC & mental wellness. I have used Modern Detox to help with liver support as I've begun the journey of parasite cleansing, this product has been very helpful. Also love the taste of the Magnesium supplement, excellent!!

Liquid Magnesium
Valorie Spearman

Very grateful to be able to trust a product !

Mental Wellness
Stephanie W.
Mental Wellness! If nothing else, I know I did one thing right today!

Yes, I drink coffee each morning, but that doesn’t keep me going all day or benefit me in the long run. I used to take a fist full of vitamins everyday! Dr. Yi consulted me and designed a specific vitamin & supplement regimen for me to take daily. I did too! Not sure about you…but, I don’t like swallowing a fist full of pills. Mental Wellness, has the tailored combination of vitamins and supplements that Dr. Yi recommended for me! It’s an easy scoop, each morning, with ice and water into my shaker bottle. Yes, I sound like an infomercial, LOL! I share this because I do feel really good knowing that by drinking my Mental Wellness, I did something right to start my day. There are so many excuses that stop me from getting a project done, but at least everyday, when I drink Mental Wellness, I did something right and a little bit of self-care!


Loved putting this product in my smoothies!! Makes me feel healthier and more alert. The taste is not bad at all and I like that it's all natural sweeteners.

Maybe better for others.

I didn't notice any difference at all. I rely was hoping for something. Maybe I hyped it up too much. It's easy to dissolve and has good ingredients, just not for me.

Liquid Magnesium
Elizabeth K.
Superior Magnesium!

I knew this magnesium would be good, but, I did not expect it to help my sleep as dramatically as it has. After the first few days of taking it, my mind, and body began to relax, and feel ready for sleep at bedtime. I put my usual sleep-aid on my nightstand just in case, only to wake up morning after morning to it still being there. I haven’t had to use a sleep-aid for the last 10 nights! The “Liquid Magnesium” has helped calm my mind during the day, as well.
(Also, the taste and consistency are exceptionally good.)
The “Liquid Magnesium” is yet another outstanding product from Dr. Yi, and the Beyond Recovery team. Thank you!

Nice formulation!

Really smart blend to support detox and filtration. It’s gentle on the gut and I use it after I eat something like seafood.

Modern Detox
julia britz
Noticeable difference!

As an ND, I find that some patients prefer one supplement instead of a lot and this one seems to help with post drug cravings. Stable energy with calmness.

Liquid Magnesium
julia britz
Awesome flavor… awesome formula

Really well down formula. The supportive nutrients of the magnesium are very well thought out to improve absorption. Tasted like orange which I liked.


One of the few NAC products without a ton of other inactive ingredients or fillers. This makes a huge difference when people are sensitive. Thank you!

Word on the Street: This Product is Great

I've been taking this for a month it's made a huge difference in my ocd / anxiety and energy, and a noticeable difference in my lungs, liver, and kidney function. Thank You for formulating a great product.

Modern Detox
Lydia Mathews
I notice a real difference!

I bought almost every product from Modern Detox and although I like them all, Mental Wellness is my favorite. I start drinking it around lunch and I don’t get an afternoon crash and scramble for a caffeine fix. I noticed that I am sleeping better as well. I will definitely be repurchasing.

Mental Boots

This is a pretty good product. It's got lots of good stuff for our minds to be kept as well as possible. The flavor isn't so bad either and it mixes well with water or milk.

Mental Wellness
Iris Escamilla
Taste good

Taste good, easy to dissolve, and do feel better, helps me stay sharp, which I find difficult at times with rushing with kids here, work, house, after school activities, much needed booster

Improve my memory

As I age, I can tell my memory is not as sharp as it once was. I am happy to try something and take steps to regain some lost ground.