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Good stuff

I buy this for my son and he insists it is essential to his mental & physical health. He recommended it to my sister, who is now also a fan.

Steady stamina

Following consumption of Beyond Recovery, I feel my energy levels and mood are elevated, remaining that way through the day. I get a peaceful enthusiasms that brings balance to my mind body and soul. This product helps detox my body so I can authentically shine through. It tastes great and goes down smooth.

Taste, well...

I like MD, how it makes me feel and how I know I’m taking care of myself. But the taste isn’t great. I know you have to do some serious flavoring with B vitamins involved, to cover the chemical taste. Cherry or berry, perhaps, as alternatives? Today, I mixed with with a scoop of Primal Greens, used really cold water and a shaker cup. That helped a lot. I kind of like that I feel disciplined about self care when I drink it.


Before trying Beyond Recovery I have tried several other holistic measures to improve my focus by decreasing my brain fog. Additionally, Beyond Recovery stabilized my moods allowing me to focus on positive goals. I suffer from spinal stenosis as well which causes sciatica and can be dibilitating. This product is a way to naturally balance mind and body and gave my life back to me by improving the balance my diet was not providing. This supplement gave me life back. Along with the Vibe Tribe and other great people my immune system is improved, my soul is rejuvenated and my mind is clear. THANK YOU. THIS PRODUCT WORKS AMAZING. I M 4 ever thankful to have this product available.

Great product

I've been taking it for two weeks and I feel like I have more energy in the mornings I will definitely buy more

Excellent Supplement

This drink is great for energy levels and overall mood. Highly recommend!


I love the ingredients and the taste. My first cup was a bit powdery but colder water seemed to help on the second. I use more water than suggested and it still tastes great. Thank you!

Modern Detox, 30 Servings

Trying to like it

I’m having a hard time with the flavor. I have to mix it with flavored water to even tolerate it. Physically speaking I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel different. I still trust that it’s a healthy supplement.

My mind is feeling calmer after using Modern Detox for 4 weeks!

I can definitely feel a change in my mood after using this product for 4 weeks. I feel a certain level of calm that I haven’t felt in a couple years. Also, the website is so easy to navigate that it makes purchasing a breeze. *5 Stars*
Well done, Dr. Yi and staff!

Smooth detox

So far I feel as if this product is helpful. The flavor is good and honestly I make it like a tea, hot. I feel as if it’s contributing to smooth and plentiful digestion and some improvement in my inertia. I’m only a week in but happy so far.

Refreshed and ready to go!

This is my second order of Beyond Recovery and I love it! It gets my day started off just right. I have more energy, focus, and overall better mood. My cravings for caffeine has significantly decreased (3 cups/day to just one or none!) I'm a pretty consistent runner and I've noticed considerable improvements in my runs and recovery! Great product!


I couldn’t wait to share the process. Modern Detox is an incredibly powerful yet gentle cleanse. My health is the ultimate wealth worth keeping. Adding a scoop of this into my daily plant-based diet has been beneficial beyond measures. Especially during this time of world uncertainty, personal transition, and Lots of traveling. Now, I will move into indulging in 2 scoops a day. Modern Detox is an official staple in my well being.

Modern Detox, 30 Servings

Gives energy

I suffer from afternoon lull and drinking this in the morning helps cut down on my caffeine consumption in the afternoon.


I love the list of ingredients and trust the doctors who created this product. I’ve been able to cut back on several of my supplements because they’re all in Modern Detox. It took me awhile to get used to the taste, it’s very sweet, I assume because of the stevia. Maybe I'll try adding it to a smoothie.

Highly Recommend

I am sleeping so much better and sugar cravings have disappeared. I highly recommend Modern Detox, it works!

Seems to work as advertised

I've been taking it for about a week and do feel mentally better!!! My one and only complaint is sometimes its upsetting on the stomach.

Great product

This is very good for me to be able to still enjoy a protein drink.


As someone who was once taking so many supplements, to no longer wanting to take so many pills, this is the perfect solution! All the amazing vitamins & nutrients you need in one. This stuff really works. As someone who suffers from severe anxiety and depression, this really makes my mind feel more quiet. I’m so thankful for Dr. Gill & Dr. Yi for all they have done for me!

Amazing concept and product

Wow! What a masterful solution to a common dilemma for those of us looking to reap the benefits of supplementation. Dr. Yi and team have not only identified the perfect supplements to enhance the recovery and functionality of brain and body health, but they were able to blend it into a single formula. This one supplement now replaces many jars of capsules I have to purchase each month and provides additional benefits that I didn't even know existed! Amazing product made by amazing people!

Alert and calm

Those are the most apparent improvements i personally experienced within the first hour of taking Modern Detox. I'm on day 11 and those lovely benefits continue. My neurologist is confident within 3 months it will help reduce many of my severe fibromyalgia symptoms such as chronic fatigue, chronic insomnia, major depression, ect. I also have Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH) and this might help with that as well. Follow my 90 day journey with Modern Detox on Instagram @goingbeyond_chronicillness. Try this product. You will not be disappointed!

Totally recommend

This product is nothing short of amazing. Will definitely be a returning customer ! So happy to have found this, and felt very confident ordering considering who has all created it and all the amazing ingredients & vitamins inside ! I recommend this to anyone trying to live a healthier life ! It has many benefits and i’m happy i ordered and even happier with the product!

Amazing Product

This is an amazing product and a great value. Prior to finding this, I was buying 4 different products to get the vitamins and amino acids that my doctors recommended. This has simplified my pre-breakfast routine and tastes a whole lot better than anything else I've tried. I recommend modern detox to anyone who want to feel better, think clearer, and live a healthier life. 5 Stars all the way.

Super Excited!!!

Just received my new detox formula from Beyond Recovery!!! I’m Super Excited to start feeling Amazing! Dr. Yi, thank you!