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I got this for my nephew who's allergic to MANY things. He was able to take this with no side effects.

pretty good

I get leg cramps at night. this magnesium seem to work well. I also give it to my kids and i think they sleep better taking twice a day.

NAC (N-Acetylcysteine)

Mental Wellness, 30 Servings
Laurie Alessandra
The best for my mood

I love this product and shared it with all my people .


Great! Take it every night

Excellent. Helps clarity and relaxation.

I'll know more as I keep taking it, but so far, I am feeling better mentally after one week of taking 2 capsules at night before bed. Thanks Dr.Yi

Really needed to improve our health

You don’t know what you are lacking in your body until you start incorporating Liquid Magnesium into your diet…


Hands Dow magnesium supplement I’ve ever taken.

Hi. I haven’t started taking it yet. I sent a question if the Sensoril was additive and have not had a response. I take your magnesium too. Could I please get a response to my question otherwise I am going to assume it is and therefore send it back. I appreciate your feedback. Namaste Diane 🙏🏼💜

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness

I do not like the taste of this product. I fill up my workout water container and had a scoop. It is very difficult to finish up my water because of this taste. Sometimes I dilute it to make it more manageable. I do not see any difference in my mental wellness.

Mentally wellness

Too much Stevie, overwhelming taste.

Mental wellness

This product has changed my life. I take it every day and I can’t be more grateful to Dr Yi for getting me started in it!!!

I like the product but not the customer service

I wanted to change my auto ship since I had too much product. I emailed the company twice and never received a response. I ended up canceling altogether.

Modern Detox, 120 Caps
Kristin Slota

Modern Detox

Best Vitamin D product

Best Vitamin D product I’ve had so far you won’t be dissatisfied! Always worth giving a try.

It's ok

The dropper continues to get plugged up, I would imagine with the mushroom. I have to clean it out with hot water consistently. It's only 1,000 mg of D3 so I wish it were more concentrated to preferred 5,000mg.

Liquid Magnesium

I love this D3/K2 product!

I have noticed a difference in my overall mood and sense of emotions after being consistent with this. Grateful for this

Tastes bad

I didn’t take it long enough to see results since the taste was really horrible ….. wish it would be made in pills….



In recovery

I listen to everything the doctor says and today I've taken the decision to take responsibility of my mental health and I do feel less anxiety and the urge to use. More then anything it's my mental health comes first.

Beyond Recovery

Amazing product. I’m feeling excited to test this out and share the experiences & Results.


I take this product daily as directed, & have noticed a lifting of my mood. I can get out of bed without hitting the snooze alarm, and I thoroughly enjoy my days more than before taking this. I will never be without it!!