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NAC (N-Acetylcysteine)
Stephanie OConnell
High quality NAC

Love this NAC. Don’t love that I can’t get it.

Mental Wellness
Jessica Spriggs
Feels better than it tastes

As someone who is pretty aware of what I consume, I was disappointed to see "Natural Flavors" as the first ingredient! I understand that people want their powder mixes to be palatable, but I think you may be over-achieving here. It's almost like syrup. I'd rather slam it and move on than drink natural flavors, which could be counterproductive to consume. But, I notice it creating some calm and focus in these first few days.

Mental Wellness
Julie Zaberer
Great product

Love mental wellness it’s a great quality product! I would recommend it!

Mental Wellness
Janet Andrews
Mental Wellness

I love this product, & will always take it. It gives me clarity of thought & focus that I didn’t have before!! I am able to function and carry out daily tasks with ease!!

Effective Mg

This product has been great for me and has greatly helped my physiological symptoms of chronic stress. I take this when I am feeling low in Mg (when I feel my muscles are tight) and has greatly helped IBS issues I had. My only wish is that natural flavors would be omitted, but other than that, this is a great product.

Mental Wellness
Lauren Turner

Tastes bad

Have not received

I still have not received my package

Mind & Body Plus Bundle
Laura Bellemans
Laura B

I like the way I feel after drinking this. I am able to focus and have plenty of energy. The strawberry flavor is nice, maybe a little on the sweet side for me. My only suggestion would be to consider an alternative sweetener other than stevia

Great stuff

It has made my day start better and it’s easy. I do dissolve it in a couple ounces of hot water first and then stir and add cold. It is less clumpy and I dissolve all of it without wasting what sticks to the bottom and sides of the cup.

Not happy with the taste

Wish this didn’t taste chalky, tough for me to drink- hoping you come out with a tasteless version that can just be combined into your favorite drink, haven’t been able to stomach it.

Hello! Thanks so much for your order and review! Unfortunately, it would be impossible to make a tasteless version. The product is loaded with Herbs, vitamins and amino acids, all which have a natural-born taste and bitterness to them we can't change that unfortunately.

Without flavoring, the product tastes unbearable to most people. We use natural flavoring components only to help it taste good, or in the very least bearable. However as we can see, most people do enjoy the flavor.


Mental Wellness
Natasha Smith
Mental Wellness Gold✨✨✨

Gets the job done. Takes off the edge.

Mental Wellness
Tanja Fraughton
This stuff works!

So I waited too long to reorder and I ran out of Mental Wellness. The only good thing about this happening is I noticed myself feeling edgy and gloomy again. I originally ordered this to help with Seasonal depression and after using it for about a week I felt significant improvement. It has given a boost to my mood, helps with focus, and really helps take the edge off. As a bonus, it tastes great and mixes easily. I’m definitely sold on this and am so appreciative of the results. I’ll be taking the worry out of running out by getting on a subscription in the future.

NAC (N-Acetylcysteine)
Edward Chmielewski

Too early to tell.

Liquid Magnesium
David williams

My body was so deficient on magnesium the liquid hits you instantly and helps dramatically…

These Products are Really Helpful

I’ve been a big fan of Beyond Recovery for a while now. The supplements I get from them really help me stay more healthy and balanced overall - all of that is super important to my mental health and an emotionally sober lifestyle. Really important to making my life work!

Mental Wellness
Jennifer Halaska
B healthy

Great taste and boosts mental health with b vitamins

Liquid Magnesium
Holly Gorman
5 stars all the way

I LOVE this stuff! I have tried soooo many magnesiums. I have been through at least 8 or 9 other brands. This is the one that I like the best. It agrees with my body and has a great taste. I am hooked. Buy it you won't be disappointed.

Love and seeing results

Really noticing a difference after taking modern detox, I have less sugar cravings. Thank you for the good products.

Improvement from previous product

A few years ago I tried the original formulation of modern detox powder drink and although I had some improvements with energy, I did not tolerate the heavy dose of niacin in the formulation. I get neuropathic pain from an old injury as well as an overactive/ dominate sympathetic nervous system and I’m super sensitive to certain ingredients that can trigger pain. I was so surprised to come across this newer formulation (mental wellness) from beyond recovery, which doesn’t have any of the “trigger” ingredients for me like niacin! I love that it’s a more limited ingredient supplement. So far I’m experiencing the benefits of clear thinking and balanced mood WITHOUT the tingling nerve pain that I got with the older version. On a side note, I’ve also added Kava to my nightly routine which helps for anxiety and sleep. The combo of the two really seem to be beneficial for me

Mental Wellness
Laurie Waller
Mental wellness

I love the flavor now that it is strawberry. What an improvement from the apple cider which was horrible. Thank you!!

Modern Detox
Josh Mercado

Really helped me when i stopped drinking liquor to feel better and healthier


Really helps with my cravings and temptation with Alcohol

Really good stuff

I’m new to NAC, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s part of a supplement regimen, too. I can definitely say I feel better, with more energy and positivity glad to experience a supplement where I can actually feel the difference!

Liquid Magnesium
Josh Mercado

Really enjoying it so far

Liquid Magnesium
Lorna Hnat

Liquid Magnesium